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We require all pets to be up to date on their Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella vaccines. Please bring them with you when checking your pet in, or submit them on our Forms page.

Boarding Guidlines

No bedding or toys are allowed. We supply Fleece/sherpa bedding for all our guests. Edible bones and treats are permitted if you want to bring them. Any food brought must be portioned out and bagged for each pet per meal. 
Dog Boarding
New Boarding Rates as of May 1st, 2023. Dogs Under 50lbs | $28 a night
Dogs 50lb & up | $34 a night
Suites are $50 a night with each additional pet
@ $30 a night.

We currently have 120 indoor/outdoor runs in 2 convenient sizes. We offer a safe, climate-controlled facility for your pet's total comfort. Every run has a doggy door for your pet to go in and out at will. All dogs are fed and exercised twice daily. You are welcome to bring your own pet's food and treats during his/her stay. 

Luxury Suites

$50.00 per night


Each additional pet +$30.00


Want to ensure your pet has all the comforts of home while you are away? We have luxury accommodations with plush beds, television screens, and immediate outdoor access. Our friendly staff will pass the time with nice walks in the sunshine. 

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has just as great as a vacation as yours!

What to Expect When Your Pet Returns Home After Boarding
Limit Food & Water Intake

Overexcitement may make a pet pant considerably more and act thirsty. He was given plenty of water while boarding at the facility and is probably not really thirsty. Give them a few ice cubes to tide them over until he settles down. With food, do the same. Please be aware that excessive drinking and eating may lead to digestive upsets and bloating. Do not feed your pet for at least three hours after coming home from the boarding facility. Limit the food and water you provide until he/she settles back into life at home. 


Take a Walk

Walk your pet upon arrival or allow access to a yard. Excitement may also cause a change in urination or bowel movements outside of his regular schedule. 


Spend Some Quality Time

Give your pet some personalized attention. Playtime, sitting with him, petting or brushing will help him get through the excited state and calm down.


Spend Some Quality Time

Kennel life can be very exciting. Some dogs charge around barking at other dogs and have a wonderful time. These dogs often leave the kennel exhausted but happy and sleep a lot for the first couple of days at home. Re-establish home patterns by sticking to a normal schedule. Pets love following a schedule. It makes them feel safe and secure.

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